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Need your car ECU remapped or chipped? Here’s why you need to use us! 

With proper chip tuning, your car will run better. Professional chip tuning will improve the power, performance and fuel efficiency of your car and save you a lot of money in the long run.

We Give Real Performance Benefits

ECU remapping and chip tuning are interchangeable terms used by the industry to achieve the same end result - improved performance of your car’s engine. For you, that performance could mean a number of things such as improved fuel efficiency, overtaking ability, enhanced acceleration, reduced turbo lag, improved throttle response or a mixture of all of the above!

We Have Extensive Industry Experience

ECU remapping is not new. And neither are the people behind Auto Evolution. Our file writers have personally chipped and remapped over 10,000 vehicles during the last 25 years and have given their expertise to companies such as Superchips, Prodrive and Tickford to name but a few. You don’t achieve that experience by accident or get to work for those companies unless you have the knowledge and expertise required to produce excellent results time after time after time. So you can be confident that when you contact Auto Evolution the remap performed on your car ECU is completed by experienced chip tuning professionals.

We’ve Got Back-up For You

No two vehicles are alike. This is why Auto Evolution will customise the remap it performs on your car. It is the only way to ensure the best possible outcome when having your car ecu remapped. We also maintain a copy of the chip tuning file put on your car’s ECU. So if ever your local garage accidently wipes your ECU file, we will have a back up for you!

We Keep Things Simple

To keep things simple for you, Auto Evolution provides two principal chip tuning services - Performance  and Economy. Of course, if your principal need is to have a blend of performance and economy, then just explain that to us when you contact Auto Evolution and we’ll be happy to meet your needs.

We’re Happy To Answer Questions

Not ready to contact us just yet and want to have a look around our website first? No problem! We have a section dedicated to answering the most common questions where you will see a photograph of the dedicated chip tuning workshop we use when not providing mobile ecu remapping. Unlike our competitors this is a real workshop, not a staged photgraph taken at paramount studios!

We Provide A Mobile Service

Need a mobile chip tuning service? No problem! Auto Evolution has provided mobile ecu remapping for clients as far north as Norwich, as far west as Milton Keynes and as far south as Reading. Though principally we provide mobile ecu remapping in Cambridge and the surrounding villages. Ready to chose your ECU remap service? Then click here...  
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ECU Remapping & Chipping Specialist

Money Back Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with your remap then we will provide you with a full refund if you inform us within the first 14 days of purchase.
Mobile Service Need us to come to you? No problem! Auto Evolution also provides a mobile ECU remapping service. Our chip tuning service can be provided at your home or work, weekday or weekend.
100% Lifetime Guarantee Not only do Auto Evolution ECU remaps come with a money back satisfaction guarantee, they also come with a 100% lifetime guarantee on the stability of their software.