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Gain Power. Gain Performance. Chip tuning and ECU remapping for performance will improve throttle response, overtaking ability, engine smoothness and of course, power and torque. If you are after the performance and driving enjoyment of a newer car but not the associated cost, then one of our ProMap ECU or  chip tuning remaps could be just want you need. Click below for more details.
Performance Chip Tuning
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Car scratch repairs, bumper scuff repairs, alloy wheel repairs and windscreen chip repairs are all catered for at Auto Evolution. Using only the best paints, lacquers, materials and equipment, Auto Evolution is a name you can trust with your minor car body [SMART] repair needs. Click below for more details on our car body repair services.  
Ford Focus Bumper Repair
Car Body Repairs
Chip tuning for enhanced economy will improve throttle response, engine smoothness as well as fuel efficiency. If you love your existing car but want the improved fuel economy of a newer car without the associated cost, then an EcoMap ECU remap or chip tune could be just the answer you are looking for. Click below for more details.  
Honda Jazz Economy Remap
Economy Chip Tuning
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