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Performance ECU Tuning, Why do it?

Proper engine ECU chip tuning is a good thing. When a petrol or diesel engine has its control unit’s chip tuned, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. Fuel efficiency is improved. All things considered, engine ECU chip tuning is beneficial.

Tailored Benefits For You!

During the process of engine ECU chip tuning, your car's main programming chip (the microchip) software is fine-tuned according to what you want to improve. The most common benefits include greater torque and power, improved throttle response, less turbo lag, and enhanced engine smoothness. Here is a closer look at the benefits of engine ECU remapping for different fuel engine types:

Turbo Petrol Expectations

• Turbo petrol - Turbo petrol engines can be remapped for a 10% to 15% improvement to BHP as well as reduced turbo lag when under hard acceleration. ECU chip tuning also improves the engine's response for more torque and increased power, so gear flexibility is achieved. This allows you to overtake quickly and safely.

Naturally Aspirated Expectations

• Naturally aspirated petrol - When your petrol engine's ECU is chipped, it can produce between 5% to 10% improvement in BHP and torque. The rating will depend on the specifications, but significant improvements include better engine responsiveness especially when initial acceleration occurs.

Turbo Diesel Expectations

• Turbo Diesel - ECU chip tuning for your turbo diesel engine produces between 15% to 30% more torque and power. This allows your car’s engine to handle increased towing and loading capacity with ease along with safer overtaking ability, historically an achillies heal of the turbo diesel engine. Turbo lag is also greatly reduced.

Why Auto Evolution

If you are interested in a better overall driving experience and engine performance from your car, you have come to the right place. Auto Evolution is your one-stop source for ECU chip tuning needs. We offer high- end ECU chip tuning services using the latest technology and highly experienced file writing tuners.

Your Next Step

For more information you can contact us using our online form, phone us on our free phone number 08000 515 415, or continue to explore our website to find out why you should chose Auto Evolution as your ECU chip tuning provider.
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