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Chip Tuning Partners

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Auto Evolution is continually striving to team up with like-minded ECU remapping parters throughout the UK. These partners are chip tuners we trust. Together Auto evolution along with our trusted tuners aim to provide a genuine first class service with regards to your Chip Tuning / ECU Remapping needs. Neither us nor our partners mind working together and referring clients to each other in order to provide you with the best service regarding your ecu remapping needs. In short, if we cannot help you or provide your chip tuning service in the time frame you need, then we are sure one of our trusted tuners can. Links are provided to their websites within this page of our resources section. Of course, if we can help with your ECU remapping needs then we’d also love to hear from you!
Chip & Tune is based in Peterborough and is run by Austen Moore
Expert Tuning is run by Paul and is based in Chalden, Surrey.
Mobile Remaps is a mobile chip tuning and remapping company based in the center of Cambridge. Their website is