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At Auto Evolution we’re always keen to listen to you, to understand your needs and help you wherever possible. It’s because of this philosophy and the quality of what we do that’s lead to the testimonials you below. What will your testimonial read?
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26 Sep 12 - “Good Morning, just back from a 850 mile round trip of mixed motorway, Welsh hills and A roads right up through Wales with a max load of 5 tonnes hauled by our 8.5 meter motorhome with a 3lt Mercedes engine on an auto box!! Returned 24mpg after your remapping [up from 21/22mpg]. All considered I thought this was not bad. The pick up and response on the auto box is much improved. With the current price of fuel this is on the right track.”  J. Eaton - Hymer Mercedes S800 Motorhome 15 Sep 12 - “Thanks for the excellent service Al, my Peugeot Partner HDi now drives superbly. Power has increased with a healthy shove in the mid range and economy has improved. Great service!”  W. Ashford - Peugeot Partner 09 Sep 12 - “Hi Al, thanks again for the ridiculous improvement to my truck. It’s a joy!”  P. McNulty - Mitsubishi L200 05 Sep 12 - “Hi Al, just wanted to phone to say how much I’m enjoying driving the car now. Thanks!”  A. Crouch - Audi A6